Powder coating

Our machinery allows for powder coating of steel and aluminium objects & structures of large dimensions - up to 3500 mm in length, 2000 mm in height and 1300 mm in width.

The most important advantages of our offer:

- powder coating of aluminium, steel and galvanized structures in all the colors available in the RAL palette,

- painting of steel & aluminium with various levels of polish and with different coating textures,

- making paint coatings using various types of powder paints (polyester, epoxy and polyester-epoxy),

- performing painting work for special orders (anti-corrosion & anti-bacterial paints), in which paints are chosen to obtain given properties of the structure.

Powder coating

We offer professional powder coating services of various types of elements, including objects & structures made from steel or aluminium, for example: gates, railings, fences and even bicycle frames or car rims.

We provide our services for international Customers. In particular, we provide powder coating in Poland. We are located in Wojtowo (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship).

While we take orders from Customers across all of Poland, our offer is especially appealing to those who are located near by (cities: Olsztyn, Barczewo, Biskupiec & others in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship).

Innovativate technology

Powder coating is an innovative technology based on applying powder paint to elements made of metal.

Due to special physico-chemical properties,the powder sticks to the metal surface, not leaving any unaesthetical damp patches or irregularities.

The paint is then cured under high temperature in a lacquering oven.

Chemical preparations

A proper chemical preparation of the surfaces of the painted elements is a key step taken before starting the lacquering work.

This allows for cleaning the surfaces and securing them against corrosion, irregularities of the completed surface or chips.

Our company also covers this stage of the painting service. Our powder painting machinery is equipped with a fully automatic washer which prepares the surface chemically for painting.

100% coating adhesion

Due to the multi-functional operation of our machinery (pre-rinsing, chemical treatment & rinsing using demineralized water), even 100% coating adhesion is possible to achieve.

Our washer if a modern device, which allows precise degreasing and pickling of galvanized elements. Thanks to these actions, the completed lacquer coating is fully secured and of high quality.

High resistance

The powder coated metal elements are highly resistant to harmful effects of external, weather-related factors, like corrosion.

They also perform perfectly fine in a wide range of temperatures and resist most of the well-known chemical agents.

Thanks to powder coating, the metal surfaces gain an aesthetic look. The paint coating lasts in perfect shape for years. Powder coating makes it possible to quickly change the color of aluminium rims or fences.

A wide range of colors

We are happy to offer a coating in over 100 various colors, base on the RAL palette, in tones of colors such as red, yellow, green, violet, grey, white, brown or blue. We invite you to view our palette of available colors.


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