About us

we operate on the Polish market since 1
we have approvals EPAL

Brief Company History

We are a family company running on the Polish market since 1982. We specialize in the production of top-quality nails, which allowed us to obtain EPAL approval necessary for the production of pallet nails. In addition, we deal with the production of wirework, shop fittings as well as provide complex and professional advice on product display and sales floor layout.

We want to remain faithful to the rules that we summarize in the slogan:


What we do?

Nails are essential for the production of pallets, especially nails of various profile produced by Mazur-Tom. These high-quality nails are a necessary part of every  DIY store or hardware store assortment. We offer our Clients a wide variety of choice from among a dozen of different types of nails in order to fully meet product expectations.

We supply owners of every sort of shops  or warehouses with elements necessary to support product display such as hooks, baskets, stands, displays, small and big display units, tacks and system walls. These galvanized or painted with powder paint products ensure long-term durability.

Depending on the Clients' needs we have already produced elements from various materials: composites, wood, aluminum, however, our main material is steel, including sheet steel and wire.

Speaking of wires, we should also mention that they are used in the production of garden articles.  Gabions and supports for vines are only a part of our product range which allows our Clients to make their dream gardens even more beautiful.

We are sure that our Clients' level of satisfaction will be as high as of those from the countries of Western Europe (Germany, Holland, England, Belgium, France), to which Mazur-Tom products have been continuingly exported since 1986. 


MAZUR-TOM Krystyna Jurczyk
ul. Modrzewiowa 82, Wójtowo,
11-010 Barczewo, Polska

tel.: (+48) 89 513 97 01
e-mail: mazurtom@mazurtom.pl